Continual Service Improvement

A ‘must have’ for ISO / IEC 20000 and the cornerstone of many others such as ITIL and Six Sigma, Continual Improvement drives quality, efficiency and effectiveness in the design, delivery and support of IT services.

It has been said that ’The road to success is paved by Continual Service Improvement’ and ‘Establishing a strong Culture of Continual Improvement creates a Firm Foundation for the Achievement of Excellence’ . . . no reason to argue with that!!

For any organisation to really be successful they need to encourage a culture of continual improvement within the workforce and embed continual improvement activities into all normal everyday working practices.

With valuable practical experience gained over many years, Tony Brough has assisted many clients on their journey towards operational excellence and an organisational culture of continual improvement by working with you to first understand your organisation and then to help you decide for yourselves where you REALLY want and need to be.

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